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About Us

About Aircodes

We develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone. Our team also develop websites and webshops, where we can offer SEO at competitive prices, and guarantee that your website will be placed on Google's first page. Aircodes is a Danish IT company in growth and we value good cooperation, both short term and long term. We are also official Microsoft partners that have a clear advantage with 24/7 support.

What we offer

iOS App Development

4 out of 10 in Denmark have an iphone, shows a survey conducted by BFE, so there is great reason to develop Apps for just iphone. Apple is also the world's most valuable company and demands a lot to the development of iOS Apps.

Android App Development

According to a report from Google, there are about 1.3 million new Android devices activated every day globally. Currently Android is sitting at 84.4 percent of the smartphone market, and according to Google Android users spend $ 5 billion last year on Apps.

Windows App Development

Windows phone, hasn't got the biggest attention in the market, like Apple and Android, but it is about to change rapidly, and more are beginning to focus on Windows phones potential.

Apple Watch App Development

Apple Watch Apps, are beginning to be popular, and it is a great way to get more users, and downloads for your App. Develop a great Apple Watch App, and increase your business.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, is getting more popular, and being used in many different ways. Augmented Reality is a technology, that combines data, from the real world, together with the virtual world. basically it enhances sound and vision.


Many people know what a drone is, so if your next project is to develop an App for a drone, we have all the knowledge to develop it for you, with great experience.


iBeacon is a low energy Bluetooth device, developed by Apple Inc. The iBeacons purpose, is to catch signals from other mobile devices nearby, so there can be made contact with a person, which has downloaded your App. It could be an offer for a cop of coffee, or a pair of shoes.

Web Development

Advanced dynamic websites and Web shops, all in responsive design. If needed a microsite or a simple website for your needs, we can do that as well.


Get ahead of the competitors and achieve growth fast. We constantly optimize the website so that it ranks on the right keywords.


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